Monday, March 16, 2015


Just so you know, this is still the same template.

I just cut it on the fold,

and added a mouth. Now, I am well aware that this shark isn't anatomically quite right - the lower jaws of sharks, for instance, are shorter than their upper jaws. I wanted to use the template exactly as is and not tweak it too much. But you can, if you want. I was more interested in showing you possibilities.

Are you seeing possibilities?

Dolphins, orcas, narwhals, tuna, rainbow trout, coelacanth, sailfish, old Nessie . . .  and hand puppets. With movable mouths.


  1. Cool shark! And I like how we're getting anatomy lessons in each post. :) Awesome that all these creatures can be made from one pattern!

  2. How clever! It looks great!

  3. great shark, I see puppet possibilities!

  4. This is officially my favorite of your new creature reveals. I love his bulldog style overshot jaw. Adorable!

  5. Will you be releasing a pattern for all these delightful animals?

  6. You had me at "fox"

    When will the pattern be available!?...

  7. I cannot wait for the pattern, every version is better than the next!


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