Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Happy new year, friends!

Once again, an entire year has passed, at the end of which I had the vague sense of having made some stuff, the actual names and details of which sadly escape me. Does that happen to you, too? The Blogger part of me feels obliged to participate in the year-end-round-up trend - you know, the Look What I Made (but have no recollection of) In Only Twelve Months! posts. The Real Person part of me, however, just wants to move on, especially since it's already halfway through January and I'm embarrassed about having slacked off and the honest truth is I just want buy some fabric and sew shorts so I can channel summer. 

But I do so enjoy looking back at old projects. And - believe it or not - I did take photos in 2017, even if most of them sat in my camera forever and then languished in my photoediting program without ever seeing the light of day. 

Until now!

So in lieu of a comprehensive 2017 ikatbag roundup, I thought I'd do a series of little Menagerie posts, after which we'll talk about some other eclectic projects I'm planning to share in the coming weeks. 

Here are some new Menagerie animals that I made in 2017 and 2016. Most of these were requests from my kids for friends' birthday gifts. This one, for instance, was for a good friend of Emily's who loves elephants.

Of the base templates, I adjusted the head pieces to include the trunk. 

I drafted new ears and tusks,

and added soles and applique toenails to the legs,

but otherwise it's the same old Menagerie base pattern with a lion's/cow's tail.

I'm always glad when the kids make requests; often, I might not have thought to make a particular animal if not for their suggestions, and would've missed a new opportunity to behold how adaptable Menagerie really is. This elephant was a lot of fun to make, and it's become one of our favorites!


  1. He is so adorable! I want to make him. Someday. After Bunny. 💕💕

  2. My daughter loves elephants! This is adorable!

  3. So adorable! That pattern is amazingly adaptable.

  4. I am completely, head over heals, in love.


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