Saturday, March 14, 2015




That was the look I was going for.

Also unself-conscious.

So, this cow print. I know you guys will whine and say, "But I live where you can't buy cow fabric! You're so mean! Now I'll never be able to make a Holstein cow!" I know. I'm sorry. I really wanted to make a pure white cow and applique black patches on it like I did with the pig and its mud spots. Just to show you guys that DIY cow fabric is possible. But I can never resist cow fabric. See here. Right? I would use it to make anything. Although this is the first time I've ever used cow fabric to make an actual cow. 


  1. Love that tail! Did you find in your animal researching that dairymen dock the ends of the cows' tails to prevent them from hitting them in the face when they're milking said cows? I know... mean, right? :( It also prevents the cows from efficient fly-swatting.

  2. Is there a reason it doesn't have horns? I would think that would give it more distinguishing marks. Though, not necessary of course.

  3. I sewed myself some cow print shorts when I was a teenager. It's probably a good thing they don't fit anymore. Your huggable cow is perfect!

  4. Cows are some of my favorite animals. I love the cording (?) you used for this cow's tail.

  5. Ohhh... this cow is definitly my favorite of your happy creatures.
    And I do have a piece of cow fabric at home, but I am not sure about having enough sewing skills to create this cudly cow ★ Angela

  6. Old joke: what is the best use of cowhide? Answer: covering cows!

  7. I would appreciate knowing the size of the safety eyes used in making these. Thank you.

    Every day I look forward to seeing what's next. Hey, what can I say, it keeps snowing here, need to look forward to something!


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