Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Bunnies . . . and Chickens, and Piglets, and Kittens

Happy end-of-winter, friends!

Snow still coats the ground here in Minnesota, but we are casting our thoughts ahead to the coming weeks of spring. We've gone summer-clothes shopping. Twice. We've bought our season passes for the waterpark. We've loaded up on flipflops and sunscreen and allergy meds. We've roused ourself from languid hibernation and we're done with the white and brown and grey. Bring on the green of maple buds! The blue of the swimming pools! The gold of the summer sun!

I am finishing up the Season 2 critters of Menagerie, which made me think of all the animal babies I've made and shared on this blog. Thought I'd do a roundup for your entertainment, to maybe inspire you to make some for your own in time for spring!

I suspect that bunnies are the animal I've made most varieties of in recent years (we have Kate to thank for that!) so let's begin with those.

Here is a little baby bunny, 

with carrots and a bunny bed

in two sizes.

Find the tutorials here, here and here.

This is a sitting bunny

disguised as a carrot.

Find the pattern here

and the tutorial for its coat here

and bag here.

For your convenience, there are a couple of fabric kits to make this sitting bunny in my shop here.

This is a no-sew pompom bunny that we made for Kate's birthday party. Find the tutorial here, and the main Bunny Party post here.

This is a Chicken 

that lays plastic easter eggs

that hatch into chicks.

Find the pattern here.

This is a very large sow that gives birth to piglets 

(they zip into her belly)

and feeds them.

Find the pattern here.

Find the pattern here,

and the kit (comes with the pattern, too) here.

And here is Menagerie

from which you can make chickens, pigs, lambs, rabbits, cows, and all manner of other animals.

Happy making, and happy spring!


  1. OOooohh, a momma piggy with little snouts peeking out, so CUTE!! Thank you for all the beautiful little animals and patterns and stories you have shared with us!


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