Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Oriole - and a shop update

Made another bird last week. This one is a Baltimore oriole

Very striking coloration, that black and orange.

And a very easy adaption of the Goldfinch

Their wings, for instance, are identical except for the topmost layer - the coverts, I think is what they're called. The finch's are yellow,

while the oriole's are orange and black.

Its tail is the same as the Robin's and Cardinal's, but in orange and black.

Here is an interesting seam tweak: the oriole's black throat coloration dips partway down its chest, so the throat seam was changed to a V to reflect that.

Here is that v-neck compared to the Robin's much straighter one.

He was such a fun bird to make!

A quick shop update: 

the first round of bird kits sold out within the day, and some of you have emailed me about restocking them. Thank you especially to those who were specific with their requests, because I was able to factor those choices into my next order of materials. I have all the materials in now, and should be able to get more kits in my shop by next week. If you'd like a particular kit and would like me to put one aside for you, please email me so I can set up that reserved listing in your name. This way, you can be sure to get it before it sells out. Also, if anyone wants multiples, I can pack those as a single order. In addition to using less packaging, which is great for the environment, it also allows me to immediately pass on to you the savings from combined-item shipping. Each kit comes with a code for $4 off the Spring Birds Sewing Pattern, and I'll continue to offer this discount until the kits sell out. I don't plan to restock the kits after, so do stop in and pick them up while they're available. 

I'll update here when the new round of kits are in the shop, so check back soon!

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