Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Analyzing Sewing

Jenna sewed some towels for Bearaby today.

She told me at bedtime that Kate wanted to sew more towels tomorrow because they were "so easy to do".

Then she grew introspective about her sewing experience today, summing it up thus: "My favorite part of sewing is the sewing. My least favorite part of sewing is the cutting. My middle favorite part is choosing the fabric."

Nail on the head, Jenna. I concur.

Speaking of cutting and sewing - I finished that project today.

It took me almost a week, including copious amounts of time-wasting. I am happy to say that I've exorcised myself of all of last week's disgusting efficiency* and am once more back to being amazingly, prize-winningly superior at procrastinating!

* but I will let myself lapse into efficiency long enough to finish that Bag Pattern for you. I even bought new fabric for it! What fabric? I'll give you two clues:

  1. Stem
  2. Get ready to drool.


  1. The little totes are so cute!! Did you make your labels? I am having the devil of a time finding labels for my bags and really like the classic simplicity of yours. Would you share your secret or where you got them?? Pretty please :-) Cindy in Florida

    1. Yes, Cindy, I did make my labels. Here is the post -

  2. Orla?? I am envious, and can not wait to see the bag :-)
    and those little tote bags are adorable!

  3. grazie, post sempre molto interessanti e utili, perchè no quilting?

  4. I do agree with Jenna... cutting is not my favorite part. But what about designing and creating the pattern? I love the designing part, the actual pattern-making, not so much. =)
    It is good to hear that you have conquered your efficiency... I am doing some procrastination of my own at the moment.


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