Friday, July 24, 2009

Where I Buy My Knits

Some readers have asked me where I buy my printed knit
fabrics because it appears that they are much scarcer in
stores than solid knits. I buy them from three main stores -
JoAnn, Mill End Textiles and SR Harris.

JoAnn is a national chain store, so it is probably the most
accessible of the three. However, good printed knits aren't
always available, and I've only found about 5 or 6 at a time.

Mill End Textiles is a local regional chain with a store
close to my house (to my detriment). Among other fabrics,
they stock a wide selection of solid, striped and printed
knits, some of which are surplus from popular clothing
companies like Oshkosh. Sadly, they don't do online sales
so unless you live in the upper midwest, many of you
probably will not patronize their stores.

SR Harris is a fabulous fabric warehouse where you
measure and cut your own fabric from bolts and (my
children love this part) stick stickers with yardage and
price before heading to the checkout. The layout of the
store reminds me of the fabric stores you see on
Project Runway - horizontal bolts and rolls that require
superhuman strength to tug off the shelves. They hand
out fat quarters at the checkout to "well-behaved" children
but I doubt they are very discerning based on our most
recent visit when my children were definitely not well-
behaved. Fortunately (for them and me) this is quite a
distance from where I live so I only go there when I feel
I need a special treat. They do online sales, so try your
luck there - their fabric is always 50% off
and there are coupons!


  1. Can you see my face? It is green with one of the sins...

    A trip to SR Harris sounds like a dream vacation. I must go visit it (and you I guess) someday soon.

    today's word veri: ovoin - which made me think of pigs for some reason

  2. Where is the Mill Ends store located at. I am going to be coming up that way from Missouri on Labor Day. Well I will be going to Wisconsin that is the area right anyway that is what I would tell hubby.

  3. Thank you so much for the tip! I live in the Brainerd area and was just in St.Cloud yesterday - wish I would have checked my google reader first!

  4. I was in our local Joannnes yesterday, all the summer knits were moved to the clearance table...I saw, I bought...I'm blamin it on you!

  5. He he, Katidids: I hope you get some good use out of them. Clearance! Lucky thing!

    Hey everyone, read Katidid's comment: Joann is CLEARING its summer knits! Go! Pack the kids up and go! Buy! Don't forget to pack ammunition (edible and otherwise)!


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