Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Finally Wrapping Up

People, this is the final Time Warp bag. 

The last.

I am so happy, I can't even.

I have loved making every one of these bags because they so challenged me. Each each one was a completely new design, drafted around the specific use of its zippers as well as the print of the fabric. This meant that each bag was a prototype, but each also had to be photo-ready and shop-ready (if I ever get around to listing them) even while I was constructing them for the first time and photographing their in-progress stages for tutorial purposes.

Oh, how I do love a good challenge.

That said, this has been a frustrating year for me, goals-wise. This tutorial series, for instance, about which I'd been so excited, was supposed to have been launched in the summer. 


But early in the year, everything got derailed by other, completely unforeseen projects, and my entire spring, summer and fall went out the window. And this without the usual three manic birthday parties, too. No birthday parties this year, apart from Kate's Minecraft one. Which wasn't even manic. Jenna's November birthday, which we usually celebrate outdoors in the summer, got pushed to December. Jenna, bless her heart, doesn't seem to mind, but I do. I mind that this year, it felt like I'd let work come before the things that are important to me and my kids.

And this beloved tutorial series got shoved under the table. Literally. I'd walk by my sewing table some days, stare longingly at the tubs of cut-out bags under it and grind my teeth, because I wanted so badly to just dive in and make. A. Bag. Already. 

Because bagmaking is my therapy, you know?

But there were other deadlines. The ones that were answerable to people who weren't only me. 

Next year, I'm going to say no, thank you a lot more. I'm going to read a lot more. I'm going to ignore the shop a lot more. I'm going to chill and drink tea a lot more. I'm going to focus on not doing, not always making for others, not trying to satisfy the creative hunger of faceless humanity. I'm going to pick a project I like, and enjoy it because it's mine and I chose it.

The idealistic part of my brain scoffs As if. There are always needs in the world to meet.

Well, someone else can step up to bat if they want to. I'll be the one on the bench in the dugout, lounging with a nice book that I'm reading to my kid. While eating chocolate cake. That we made with the time I saved by saying no, I think I'll pass.

Ah, hindsight. Ever empowering. 


Now that I've vented on the whole internet (or whomsoever readeth this blog), let's talk about the good stuff:

this latest Time Warp bag, in Jessica Jones' gorgeous Sunburst barkcloth!

I'm going to save most of the detail-shots for the tutorial, so as not to bore you with repetition, but here are some how-it-works pictures.

There are 5 zippers in this bag, but 3 have particularly special functions.

Zipper #1 is in the carrying strap, that allows the bag to be slung cross-body, or over one shoulder,

or split

and carried backpack-style. And see that side zipper with the key strap hanging out?

That's Zipper #2, the one that allows you to directly access the contents of the bag so you can easily dig out your keys.

Throwing back the flap, here's Zipper #3:

which unzips to open up the mouth of the bag

so you can pack and unpack all your stuff.

All zipped up - and ready to deconstruct.

Can you believe it's December 1st?

Here's how I'm looking at things: I might be six months late sharing this tutorial series with you, but it's now turning out to be an early Christmas gift. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is not a bad thing at all, right?

Happy Advent, friends! 


  1. Really beautiful looking bag. Can't wait to read the tutorials.

  2. A beautiful, beautiful bag---lovely work. Looking forward to the tutorial, as always. Thank you for a great blog.

  3. Do you have a special sewing machine that you use to sew through leather? I am sure you use a special needle. The stitching looks beautiful!

  4. Wow, just wow! I love the zipper to open up the bag. My pet peeve is deep bags. This totally fixes that problem.

  5. Congratulations on finishing! Always a good feeling, right? Even if it's not when you planned it to be. At least you persisted and made it through. I love the bag and all its features, especially the stitching on the flap and that handy little side pocket. Looking forward to the series!

  6. That bag is awesome! Thank you for putting together a tutorial. I'm sorry that you're year has been a whirlwind and your feeling a bit frustrated by it. Saying no can be so hard sometimes. Thank you for keeping this blog. Your sewing is so amazing and so beautiful that it inspires me (and intimidates me) to work harder and try new things.

  7. WHOA, I didn't notice the stitching on the circle-flower when I saw the photo on Facebook. That just fills me with glee!

  8. As a maker mom who is just out of the MRI for my right arm, I say Yes to No. I will miss you but will be happy to see what comes when it does. You have given Us a cornucopia of tutes and totes: more than a feast to work on.
    Love your kids and you too. More cake!

  9. That is an awesome bag, I'd get all kinds of use out of a bag like that ... and yes, that fabric is perfect :)!
    Books and cake with kiddos is always good, so here's a toast to nest year with different priorities!

  10. Ooooooh I'm so excited! Bags are something I'm always super-picky about, so learning how they're constructed is very exciting!

  11. Gorgeous bag! I LOVE bags, but so far making them is very un-therapeutic (unless they are super simple). Maybe your series will change that for me.

  12. It's perfect timing, the best Christmas present I had in a long time =) I can relate to the feeling of seemingly doing everything for everybody except myself. Taking care of yourself and relax is the best way to help others, everyone benefits from that. And if they want work done (wich they always tell me is so easy, you can do it in 5 min) can do it themselfs =) Nothing beats a happy mom!


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