Friday, April 8, 2016

New Marker Pouches Now In The Shop!

I am excited to announce that there are brand new marker pouches in the shop for you to buy!

I'd initially planned to make a few for the girls' schoolteachers as end-of-the-year gifts, in lieu of our usual lunch buckets. And, as we did with those batches of lunch buckets, I also planned to make a few more marker pouches for the shop, in response to the many requests from you guys who wanted them. 

But I might have gone a little mass-production-crazy.

In my defence, it was hard to shortlist the fabrics in my stash, so I just gave up and made a whole bunch of 'em.

Behold all those fun zipper pulls!

And the leather zipper tabs!

I finally went out to buy some leather for this batch. Leather sews so nicely. 

And I'm pleased to report that I remembered to sew on my tags (I usually forget).

If you're unfamiliar with these marker pouches, here's a quick demo - you unzip them,

fold back the upper portion

to display the contents,

which sit in a reinforced "cup" that allows easy access to them.

These pouches hold a lot of markers - almost 50 of these skinny ones, about 22 of the regular Crayola ones, and about 15 of the fat whiteboard/ Mr Sketch types.

There are 15 in the shop for you to pick from, in a variety of fabrics, 

including this one you can color in yourself.

As always, if you buy multiples, I'll combine the shipping and issue you a paypal refund of any significant difference. 

Go here to pick out your favorites!

P.S. I apologize to anyone who might've been waiting for a batch of lunch buckets to buy - I'm not planning to make any this year. If you sew, you can buy the sewing pattern (read about it here and buy it here) to make your own.


  1. Love these! Will you be releasing a pattern for the marker pouch?

  2. Shucks! They sold out before I even got the email!

  3. Aww, sold out already? Shucks. They looked darling.

  4. Do you have a pattern for these? I love the lunch bucket pattern. It is awesome!

  5. I just purchased the same fabric as the next to the bottom marker pouch to make a wallet for myself.


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