Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tsum Tsum Party: Candy Tubes

This here is the post about the candy tubes we made for Kate's Tsum Tsum party

We found the idea for these candy tubes on the internet while randomly surfing. It was for some other character (which I can't remember at the moment) for some other party, but we adapted it for Tsum Tsums. I'm sure there is a bona fide tutorial for an actual Tsum Tsum TP roll treat box somewhere that you can google, though. 

We began with our Tsum Tsum coloring pages, which we printed on cardstock rather than regular paper, so the faces would be more sturdy. Kate colored them and cut them out.

Here's what we used for one candy tube - a rectangle of card stock for the body (you could use an actual TP roll and paint it or wrap paper around it), a Tsum Tsum face for one end and a circle of card stock for the other end. I can't remember the dimensions of our rectangle, but I measured it to make a narrow enough tube to fit behind the face. 

Cut slits along both longer edges (these will be the edges that become the ends of the tube). Our slits were roughly 1 cm apart and 1 cm deep. 

We rolled the rectangle and glued the overlapping edges to make a tube. 

Then we splayed out those slit tabs on one end.

We applied glue to the outer surfaces of the tabs and glued them to the back side of the face. 

At the other end, we folded IN the tabs, and filled the tube with candy.

Then we applied glue to the outer surfaces of the folded-in tabs and stuck the circle of card stock on them.

Some Tsum Tsums had tails, so we drew them on with Sharpie.

Kate assembled all the candy tubes. We tried to match the cardstock bodies to the actual Tsum Tsums.

Here is the whole batch.

We even tried to stack them, as are appropriate for Tsum Tsums.

But they were a bit of a mess.

So, instead, we stood them upright in a box

and, on the day itself, let the kids pick out their favorite as a prize for one of our games.

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