Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Christmas Project

After days of grey, cloudy, rainy/snowy gloom, some beautiful
sunshine today. So I took some pictures on the deck. The fading
sunlight was deceptively warm at first, viewed from inside the
house, and I quickly remembered that summer was well and
truly gone as I stood shivering outdoors in stockinged feet with
my camera. Need shoes now, I made a mental note.
And a jacket. And mittens.

But here are some pre-reveal photos of the big Christmas project.
It's made up of many, many parts, and I will try and do a post each
week leading up to Christmas, of the parts I have completed. All I
can say right now is that it is colorful. Very colorful. There's even pink.


  1. Andrew Lloyds Weber's people rang; they want you to know that they copyrighted Joseph's "amazing technicolor dreamcoat". FYI.


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