Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Felt Pictures and Miscellany

A low-adrenaline week.

Emily has been asking for more shapes for the felt board 
and I've been putting it off forever- my felt stash is so 
inaccessibly messy that I don't touch any of it if I can help it. 
Last week I made myself buy an interim (until I install more 
cubby holes or cabinets somewhere) tub to store them 
because I could no longer bear the sight of it all. 
And then the neatness of the stack of colors, now sanely 
contained, was rather motivating and exciting, so last night 
I cut out some new felt shapes. Emily was specific in what 
she wanted, which is always helpful, so it took me less than 
an hour to make some new scenes for her 
(and mess up the felt stash again, bah).

A princess castle

with new royal outfits and hair for the old Felt Girl and Boy

and their horse-and-carriage. The poor old horse looks 
a bit off because I forgot to cut a mane. The carriage is 
what became of the pumpkin after Cinderella's fairy 
godmother's nifty spell - it still bears some of its 
original pumpkin-ness.

This next scene is my current favorite because it has no pink 
in it and appeals to my inner nerd (I used to be a high school 
Physics lecturer/tutor before being promoted 
to domestic engineer):

Here's a shuttle taking off from Earth

and landing on the Moon. Old Felt Girl and Boy are now 
astronauts making giant leaps for man (and woman)kind.

Closer-ups of the shuttle and spacesuit, which , incidentally, is 
the easiest thing in the world to make. Trace the outline of the 
felt figure and cut a squarish hole for the face.

Building on the old sea scene, here are some new fish 
and Astronaut Boy is now a deep sea diver, with an airhose. 
Versatile outfit, that spacesuit.

I've always liked fish for art subjects because one can do 
so much with them. The ones in the left picture are assembled 
from individual shapes and random left-over felt pieces. 
The ones in the right picture are fish-shaped and I set 
Emily loose on them with fabric markers. She had a blast.

Finally, here are some simpler shapes for Jenna. Recently Jenna 
has been associating the "snowman" with anything that consists 
of shapes in a row, touching. For instance, when laying cookies 
or biscuits on a tray to be baked, she has their sides touching 
and says she's making a snowman. So I cut out shapes for 
a snowman and Emily added a snowball being thrown at it.

Semi-related point: you can quite clearly see the awful fuzzy 
pilled surface of the light side of our feltboard. Serves me right 
for using horrid acrylic felt instead of the Good Stuff.

Jenna loves her toy cupcakes and muffins so here are 
some felt versions. Emily suggested the tops could 
double as scoops of ice-creams 

so we added some cones and made Confectionery Transformers.

So not very difficult to make, really. 
Emily's ideas were a good springboard for bigger scenes 
so if anyone is looking for new felt cutouts, the kids 
themselves probably have the best ideas!

And now for some updates.
I haven't been making anything fun this week - mostly just 
utility sewing. Patched and re-hemmed three pairs of jeans 
so I could stop wearing my lone, last pair of decent pants 
every day. Then sewed up Emily's flannel nightgown that had 
been cut out and sitting on my sewing table for weeks. 
Also finally loaded the overlocker with woolly nylon and serged 
some fleece blankets for gifts- they'd been lying around in the 
Low Priority section of the room since Halloween. 

How good it feels to be done with these 
housekeeping projects at last! 


  1. These are great! We love our felt board too, so it's wonderful to see some new ideas of things to make for it!

  2. Ooh, so lovely!!! The scenes are all so fantastic. And isn't it true that the kids are great with the ideas!!!

    Funny: misread the "buy an interIM (...) tub" and thought you "made yourself buy an INTERN" and I thought, Hey, I need an intern too. I'd make him/her do all the laundry for sure. And all the picking up. And then I'd have PLENTY of time to do all the things I want to do, like make a felt board! Where does one go to get "mothers' interns"? I especially like the idea since "interns" are usually paid little to nothing! : )

    Oh, and as for the horse. I'm shocked that you didn't add yarn as the mane! We're both so good at making things as complicated as possible. : ) That said, I think your horse looks perfectly wonderful just the way it is. (Ooh, if you really wanted to "fix" the horse--though I refuse to say he's at all "in need of fixing"--instead of yarn, you could cut out a shape that's flat on one side and squiggly on the other. Could be used as a mane on the horse, or perhaps seaweed in the ocean, or whoh knows what else...)

  3. Oh, I LOVE this! Especially the muffins and ice cones. I was thinking about making muffins or ice cones and couldn't decide - now I don't have to! What a clever idea! And of course, you are so right - I am going to ask my daughter what she wants. Really curious what she'll say.

  4. Great job! I love the princess castle!

  5. I'm so glad I found this! We just found this whole game table thing on the curb, and we're planning on using the fooseball table, but the little tiny pool table... who would want to play on that? So I'm going to hang it on the wall and use it as a felt board. Now I have lots of ideas for things to cut out! I'm so glad I found this blog!

  6. I thought of this post (and linked to it in a recent post) when I was making a backdrop for our puppet theater. I wonder how well it would work to use a felt board as a backdrop...


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