Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Magnetic Dolls

Warning- contains spoilers! 
(Joy, if you don't want to see what the girls are getting
for their birthdays, don't scroll down!)

Last week's project was two sets of magnetic dolls for
the girls' cousins who have birthdays in February.
I constantly inflict our handmade stuff on this lovely 
family, poor things - the only consolation to them is 
that they always get the Improved Versions. Emily 
and Jenna are the hapless guinea pigs on whom I 
test out the Weird Thing Du Jour I'm making.

Here are some closer-ups of the clothes:

Normal, everyday fashion pieces

and Halloween costumes (aka Dress-up Clothes):

Mermaid, Chef, Ballerina, Fairy, Medieval Maiden,

Little Swiss Miss, Clown, Firefighter, Ballerina Princess,

Bunny and Fairy.

Later, I sewed flat bags to contain the sets but was
too lazy to take
pictures. Anyway, they look like the
other bags I made for the
earlier magnetic doll sets,
just in different fabric.

After this, one more project to go before returning to 
the winter dresses. This has been a nice break from 
drafting and now I'm restless to get back to it.


  1. So so so cute. Just when I think you can't possibly impress me any more than you already have, then you go and do something like this. I'm sure many mothers would pay to have you "inflict" your stuff on them! : )

  2. So cute and lovely! All those details! Just look at those cute handbags and hats! It must have taken you hours to make this! So cute! Did you use any special kind of paper? It looks so cute with all the patterns - or are the patterned pieces fabric? I would have never thought of laminating fabric!

    Thanks so much for the idea!

  3. No, we don't mind being inflicted!

    They are going to love these!

  4. I put a link to this post into one of my posts

    I hope that is fine with you!?
    Really love those dolls ... *sigh*


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