Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wallet Giveaway Winners!

Thank you everyone for your comments and interest in the wallet giveaway. I was thrilled to get more than 50 comments so that I could give both wallets away. We ran the numbers in the random number generator and drew numbers lucky numbers 25 and 56! 

Congratulations to #25 Eternal Helpmates and #56 Abi! Please check your email for a note from me. 

I enjoyed this giveaway so much that I think I shall do more in future. Whee!


  1. yay can't wait till your next giveaway!
    and happy mothers day, L! love the pic on the bupbilla blog with you and emily. both of you look so contented and pleased with yourselves...
    xx rach

  2. yipee! i'm so honored to win! i especially love the many pockets for cards. what a pleasant surprise to receive your email.


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