Friday, November 20, 2015


So I'm not supposed to be blogging, but yesterday, I found this photo in a drawer:

(It's Kate, by the way; circa 2008.)


I know it's my own kid, but  - dang - those cheeks.

So then of course I became deeply sentimental, and went looking in our photo library archives to the year 2008, and found these.

Here's one of Emily and Jenna, with their twin chick stuffies, a month before Kate was born.

For the longest time (it seemed), it had been just the two of them.

And then Kate came, and there were three. 

And I looked at that picture and marveled that
  1. I had had three kids in five years.
  2. we had diapers in multiple sizes in the house because not all those kids were potty trained yet. 
  3. I was ever in non-PJs.
  4. we had so many large, noisy, colorful plastic toys that it felt like a daycare.
  5. I kept my sanity at all . Then again, maybe I didn't, and maybe I never got it back.
  6. I got anything done around the house.. 

I call those years my Hijacked Years. I don't remember them at all. If not for photos, I wouldn't have believed they happened. Not because it was all wondrous and lovely and literally unbelievably sweet, but because my mind was in a perpetual fog from sleep deprivation, and trying to keep the family fed and safe and clothed (bought! Not sewn - are you nuts???) and there was no time for anything that wasn't infant-related or nursing-related or well-child-check-ups-related.

But then there were the unbelievably sweet moments, too. Which I don't recall. Which, as said, I have these photos to thank for.

And then there was this one. It's Kate again, embellished by Jenna and her markers. Ah, sisters.

And here they are now, no longer babies.

How those years have been good to us. 

End of sentimental trip. (Wipes eyes.) Back to sewing now. 

I'm almost done clothing and accessorizing those Owie Dolls! 

I think they'll be ready for the etsy shop by early next week, although I'll probably only ship them after Thanksgiving, I'll let you know when they're in the shop.


  1. what 3 beauties you have ! I love how close they seem to be now, nearly triplets !!

  2. Ohmigosh those CHEEKS!

  3. My heart just melted into a great big puddle!! ❤️

  4. Beautiful pictures - so glad you have them :)

  5. Be proud. You done good! Isn't it a wonderful feeling?!

  6. I saw that first photo and instantly knew it was Kate! They grow up so quickly...

  7. Love how the girls sucked their fingers (instead of thumbs) in the exact same way! Identical to each other but non-traditional.


  8. What an amazing post! I had three kids in four years, so I know exactly what you are talking about. My youngets is 3,5 and just out of diapers and I'm finally fealing like I have some sort of controll again. The baby years were good, but I am also glad they are over.

  9. Beautiful girls! They look so much alike. I think of you every time I throw out cardboard. Admiring the quality first, imagining all the wonderful things to do with it second, and last admitting that I lack time, energy and your passion and creativity. But still, no piece of cardboard leaves this house without appreciation lol! Love your blog :-) Iris


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