Thursday, December 1, 2016

Time Warp bags in Shop

Hello friends!

I feel somewhat accomplished because I weighed and measured and listed some items in my etsy shop for you today. Remember the Zip A Bag series from some months ago?

I promised that I'd be putting some of the samples in the shop for you to adopt, and they are there now! Whoo! I shall miss them because they were fun to design and make and beautiful to behold in their completed state. But I can't use them all and I don't have space for them at home, so I'd rather they go to other people who will use them and love them.

Please note that not all the bag samples from the Zip A Bag series are listed. My children and I have called dibs on some of the samples, for sentimental reasons. But there are still quite a few to browse and fall in love with. Each of them is designed and drafted from scratch - some are inspired by pre-existent bags and the ubiquitous classic zippered pouches, but the finished items are all limited-edition, one-of-a-kind prototypes that I may never make again, just because.

I've also added a few items from my existing stock, and there are a few Port & Sort Tote hardware kits still available if you want to make some from the pattern for Christmas gifts. If anyone is interested in the Port & Sort Tote fabric+hardware kits, please send me an email to request them. I don't have the Thermaflec or ripstop nylon on hand but I can pick some up at the fabric store within a day or two, and I have enough zippers in all four colors (coral, orange, light blue, royal blue) to put together a custom kit for you, and I can give you an estimate on when they'll be ready.

A note about shipping: based on previous years' experience, items can be shipped overseas in time for the holidays if you order before the 10th? of December. Shipping domestically buys us an extra week, but do purchase early to be sure things get where you need them by Christmas.

Go here to begin shopping, and thank you for your support!


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