Thursday, February 16, 2017

Harry Potter Party: Monster Book of Monsters

The first of the books the guests picked up at Flourish & Blotts was the Monster Book of Monsters, 

a hairy, carnivorous tome with a belligerent disposition. 

Emily adapted a Youtube version to mass-produce her own. 

Here is her tutorial. You will need:
  • one pad of Post-it notes
  • a piece of cardstock the same size as the Post-it pad
  • four googly eyes
  • faux fur
  • red felt for a tongue
  • white/off-white/pale yellow felt for teeth
  • glue

First, lay the Post-it pad on the faux fur 

and cut out a piece about 
  • the same width as the Post-it pad 
  • 1/2" longer than twice the width of the Post-it pad. 

This extra 1/2" provides the space for the spine and will wrap around the thickness of the pad and allow the completed "book" to open and close easily. Scroll three photos down to see this spine spacing.

Cut two piece of white/off-white/pale yellow felt into rows of serrated teeth. Cut a forked tongue from the red felt. On the WS of the faux felt piece, glue the rows of teeth so the serrated edges protrude beyond the short sides. Glue the tongue on top of one row of teeth, as shown.

On the half of the faux fur with the tongue, glue the Post-it pad, backing side down. On the half of the faux fur piece without the tongue, glue the piece of cardstock. Line up the edges of the pad and the cardstock with the short edges of the fur - you should have a gap of about 1/2" between them for the fur to wrap around the spine.

Shut the book. The side with the cardstock is the top cover. Glue the googly eyes on the top cover, in a random formation.

Here is the finished Monster Book.


  1. I adore the monster books. Brilliant and quite simple to put together.

  2. I think you just helped me find my closing project for a harry potter camp! they can collect notes from their friends before leaving! Muchas Gracias!

  3. Fantastisch! Ein tolles kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für meine Tochter und ihre Freundin. Danke.


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