Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Halloween costume I did NOT make

but that I badly want to own. Kathleen at Grosgrain not only sewed this 
(and corset undergarment not visible in the photo) but is also giving it 
away. Giving it away, people! Now if I win this, I don't have to work on 
Emily's Halloween costume after all. Not that I dislike sewing, I mean. 
But why sew a whole dress when I could be making bibs? 
Pick me! Pick me! Please, please, please....


  1. I saw this too and was amazed at her patience. A gown of this magnitude for a little girl!!

  2. I'm sorry, but this is a little bit scary. A corset? At that age? Veracity aside, I'd be paranoid about giving my kid body image issues at such a young age.

    But - I get it; it's just for fun. Still. A bit much, no?

  3. @E

    Actually, corsets were not used as binding/shaping garments until the late 19th century. 18th century corsets were more bras or support garments than anything else...it wouldn't cinch, it would support the weight of the gown (6+ yards of velvet, 4+ of satin, 3+ linen or cotton...very heavy) and/or provide support for the breasts. Remember, this was before elastic or precise metalwork, so bras weren't an option.


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