Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad Serger

A quick post to report that my serger is behaving very badly today. I spent a lot of time with my seam-ripper (unpicker) this afternoon. Ever had to unpick a rolled hem? I'd sooner eat sawdust. I'll have to get out my lint roller later, my clothes are so furry now. I think it is a combination of strange fabric and me fiddling too much with the dials. Serves me right. But just wanted you all to know that I really, really do have a very close relationship with my seam-rippers (I have three). Closer than I'd like.

Sigh. Anyway, half a giant nutella sandwich later, I'm feeling a bit calmer. Very thankful for nutella. But I'm running out so I'd better head out to Costco soon. They stock nutella in the correct-size jars, unlike my local supermarket, whose jars are like thimbles.


  1. It is good to know that even the best sewers have to seam rip! I have spent many hours seam ripping! And I don't even have a surger!

    I am glad to hear that a nutella sandwich is a help! : )

  2. How frustrating. I spend a LOT of time with my seam ripper. I have two, and I'm sure I could use a third.

    Our Costco doesn't carry the big jars of nutella. We're stuck with the thimble-sized supermarket ones, which we go through at alarming rates...

  3. ugh I so feel for you. I'd rather cut out a whole new "whatever" than deal with seam ripping. However, it's in the seam ripping that I learn new technique so I've also become well aquainted with my seam ripper.

    Although, with a rolled hem my lazy sewist would be sorely tempted to just serge the wrecked hem right off. I know, I know.

  4. I completely agree with Marielle. I usually just serge it off! Hey whats a 1/2 an inch really? I cannot stand to rip serger hems, so many threads to think about it is absolutely nausiating!

    Haven't had nutella...maybe I should check it out!

  5. Ooh, this post -- besides making me laugh!! -- makes me also want a serger, even one that doesn't always cooperate. And also makes me want larger jars of nutella. Then I could still go through about a jar a week and just ignore the fact that it's twice as big as the old jars...

    Yes, Jessica, you MUST try nutella soon!


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