Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I Read When I Am Jaded

I have recently realized the wisdom in having a short
bloglist in google reader. I am so poor at dealing with
the stress of seeing my escalating number of unread posts.
Worse, I have problems carrying out the Sanity Manouevre
aka "Mark All As Read". This is the main reason I very rarely
update the bloglist on my sidebar and also why I am not a
follower of anyone's blog. If I allowed myself to read all the
incredible blogs on stuff I like and get inspired by, I would die.

Then there are the tantalizing, crazy ideas swimming
in my head that I have to wait several months to
work on because
  1. I am already working on backlogged crazy tantalizing ideas from 3 months ago.
  2. I haven't found the perfect fabric (meaning texture, not print)
  3. I want to sew something for everyone's birthday on the planet
  4. It is a new secret toy for the girls and I can only work on it while they are asleep i.e. never.

And so there are those stretches of time when I just give
up and sink into a Making Funk - the symptoms of which are
  1. Thoughts of particular project taking over every waking moment
  2. Pining for materials I don't know where to find
  3. Intense desire to hire a cook
  4. Indifference to current project - atrocious top-stitching etc without any sense of remorse
  5. Loss of interest in google reader
  6. Sudden craving for cardboard and hot glue gun but no cardboard because ages since I bought any large appliance that came in a box, or visited Costco to raid their box bin.

General lousy feeling, you know? Hands unable to do
what brain is desperate to exorcise.

So then I go visiting my other favorite sites:
Craft Fail

Always funny. And Katie at Matsutake is a magician with
wood. And sews. And is funny. And unlike the other two
sites, you will not laugh at the things she makes
because they are awesome. And her writing - so funny.
Did I mention she's also funny?

What do you read when you hate your own hands?


  1. You! I have so little time for sewing, that I often read crafty blogs to get my fix..... The next best thing to creating someting myself is to see what others are doing. I can live vicariously through others....

  2. You have to try Passive Aggressive Notes. You will feel much better laughing at other peoples' crazy rants.

  3. oh this made me laugh so much! i constanly feel like i'm going to die, too, from all the crazy tantalizing ideas. I make myself feel better by bookmarking them all so that now I'm at the point where there are so many bookmarked ideas i'm too afraid to even start looking through them!

    thanks for noting the other blogs. i didn't know them but got tons of laughs from those too (and passive aggressive notes, thanks so-sew!) :)

  4. Oh my god oh my god get out of my head! Making Funk Symptoms. Yes. Yes. Number 2. Do you know that I just spent half an hour on google and ebay looking for bulk ball point pen springs????

    And that silly matsutake. She's such a flake. She's never going to finish that papier mache swan boat thing.

    LiEr, we are cut from the same fabric, my friend.

  5. I already shared with you my love of Hello Kitty Hell.... :)

  6. Was thinking of your blog today, there is a really cute hello kitty sandwich here:

  7. Hello everyone! Tired after the Hello Kitty do (pictures later) but wanted to get this in quick - thanks for the fun suggestions on things to read.

    So-Sew Me: I've never heard of Passive Aggressive Notes! Very funny! Thank you!

    BJ Mama: yes, HK Hell might want my video/photo of the HK pinata being bludgeoned.

    Kareena: Those sandwiches! The piano one! Amazing. Thank you for sharing that site.

    Forgot to mention the Blog Of "Unnecessary" Quotations Marks. Haven't been there in at least a year, but when my husband first found it, we had stitches in our sides from suppressing guffaws.

    Also Awkward Family Photos. Some are quite forced, but some will truly render you speechless.

  8. The Unnecessary Quotation marks site has some funny stuff. I want to forward it to a co-worker that uses quotations for everything, but she probably wouldn't get it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Heh - I have 489 subscriptions, and, after a month with little online time, had well over 2000 unread posts -- now it's just over 1000. I'm looking forward to the day when Google actually counts how many unread posts (now it's "1000+"). I can't mark all as read except for a few things that I know are outdated or that I don't want to read -- if your feed consists only of post titles, I'm not going to click over to your blog on every one, for example, so I'll just mark all as read.

    I've got such a variety of crafty and non-crafty blogs (see # above) that I can always find something to read to fit my mood... and icanhascheezburger (etc.) for general brain-clearing.

  10. I'm reading over your old posts and I'm surprised & happy that you like Craft Fail!!! :) Please feel free to contribute your own shortfalls!


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