Monday, November 9, 2009

Silly update

Nothing much to say except thank you everyone for the wonderful response to the katybag pattern and the katybags in the shop!

I realized long ago that I am not a whipper-up. Or a whip-upper. Or whatever those people are who can finish a project in 30 minutes. Mine take forever. This also means I blog about projects very infrequently. Or else I cheat by talking about slopers and taking photos of the cardboard crafts the kids and I do. Which I like a lot, of course, but they get sat on (usually by Kate) quite soon after being made and don't have much staying power as a result.

I've also been working on Christmas presents. I was feeling very smug about already doing Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving but then Jenna snuck out of bed and caught me sewing something in the living room one night. Annoyingly, the supposedly-Christmas gift has now become a lowly Sample the kids are QC-ing for me. Ratsratsratsratsratsrats. I've decided that I will have to relax my morals and start lying to the kids about what I'm making in the future. But it is hard. I am a poor liar.

A good thing that has come out of Being Found Out is that I am now moved to
share the Ex-Christmas Gift with you all before Christmas. So look out in the shop for something odd soon. All I can say is that it has velcro and that the velrco bits are miniscule. And (unless something goes terribly wrong) it might work for boys too.

P.S. There has to be a better way of handmaking gifts for one's own children without them seeing it and without having to lie and without having to work on it at 3 am.

P.P.S. So much for "nothing much to say." Hah!


  1. Luckily, my son is still to young to understand (15 mo.) I am making things for him. My husband and I are making a kitchen for him for Christmas. The other day he was in the basement helping us sand on it. Sigh, if only it could stay like that forever...

  2. Oh plop! I had a similar incident just before one of the kid's birthdays. Youngest kid found the dolls I was making and drew a face on the one that I hadn't embroidered a face on yet with a black magic marker. You gotta laugh. I'm redoing them for xmas though. At 3am. You're not alone.

  3. Lying is a valid form of parenting for me. For example did you know you only Grannies could buy balloons from the seller in town [cough] or that Cocoa Pops are only sold in France and Greece [ahem]. I don't like doing it but occasionally it is a necessity. Thankfully my two have cruddy short term memories so I can get away with saying that this is for one of their friends but maybe I could send the pattern to FC for them? Failing that I am out of ideas that don't include shipping them off to Grannies for the day! I will look forward to seeing the new goodie :D.

  4. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and finding my mom locked in the laundry room (read unfinished basement). She refused to stop or come out. But Christmas morning there were amazing things under the tree. Needless to say, I do the same thing.

  5. Thanks, folks. Cupkateer: I bet your kitchen is amazing! Lucky little boy!
    Vix: Ah, I hadn't thought of the Other Country fib - France and Germany, he he he!
    KM: oh dear, the poor dolly. Although I bet you were a bit proud of your little girl getting the facial features in the right part of the body. Clutching at straws to look on the bright side, but it's what would have saved me from screeching. Can't wait to see the dolls! Loved your previous posts (as always) but such a louse at commenting. Off to your site now while there is a lull in the craziness this morning!

  6. I favor the direct approach I guess: "Can't say." or "Don't ask about this one, OK?"
    OR I try distraction: "What did you dream about last night?" or "Would you like me to come and tell you a story?"
    It really depends on the child.

  7. Lucky you that you can work until 3AM! I start making the dumbest mistakes after about 10:30PM. Rock on!

  8. On of my favorite Christmas presents I got from my mom as a child was one she lied about. She told me she was making the baby sleeping bag for my aunt's new baby and I was SO SAD that it wasn't for me, much to my surprise it was in one of the boxes I opened on Christmas day and I was over the moon. Sometimes I think it is ok to bend the truth a little as long as the benefit in the long run!

  9. This is why my children currently have no Christmas presents (apart from some hand-me-down commercial toys hidden away in the garage). Sigh...

  10. I am totally with Vix on this. I have 12 kids. Lying is a very VALID form of parenting. I will have to try the Cocoa Puffs only sold in Greece trick, though.


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