Friday, July 9, 2010

Good To Go

Last night finally got the main embroidery drawn out for the (thus far extremely plain) yellow tunic. Tried out sample stitches on piece of scrap fabric - I like the colors and the openness/uncrowdedness of the design but still thinking about the actual stitches. All those lazy daisy loops look very.... um... loopy. Any ideas on what other stitches to use, apart from satin stitch (which is too solid for this design, methinks)?

Now to make time to transfer it to various parts of the garment itself, and then I get to hand-stitch it at nights. Very cathartic, hand-sewing. Much better use of nighttimes than
  • eating double chocolate chip muffins
  • thinking covetously about double chocolate chip muffins
  • attempting to make a dent in all the unread posts on google reader
  • blogging, even
Might actually be finished before next summer!


  1. I actually think your design is lovely - airy and graceful. So I think you should go with it as is.

    I know, most nights I want to crawl in a hole and not talk to anybody or see anybody :)

  2. I like it as it is, too, but I think filling in the "loops" with satin stitches would also look nice. They're small enough that it wouldn't be a huge expanse of embroidery.

  3. I think the lazy daisy stitches look great, they suit the design.
    Hand stitching really is very relaxing, but make sure you allow yourself the occassional double choc chip muffin as a treat:)

  4. I like the design you have... it's lovely. I'm not a loopy person, either, so suggest that you do the lazy daisies in a low contrast color! If you still need move contrast when that is done, you might use a very fine line (back stitch, running stitch, vine stitch) and a slightly more contrasting color to outline the inside of each daisy petal.

  5. Are you into beads? The Lazy-daisy loops work very well with long glass beads - I've hand embroidered several tunics (kurtis - am from India :)) and it really makes a tunic look dressy, IMO. Silver beads in each yellow loop, or alternate gold and silver beads..



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