Saturday, July 24, 2010

Murphy's Law

Well, whaddya know - our hard disk crashed.
Just after I told the entire internet (well, whoever cares to read this blog, anyway) that I was going to do our super-crazy-ambitious drafting series. It must be a sign.

Our computer is in the shop now, being fixed. Fortunately, thanks to the very superior foresight of the very superior husband, we have a very superior backup system that automatically backs up every hour, so we didn't lose any data. But we have no access to our extensive photo library, or scanner software, or iTunes or anything lovely like that, until the computer comes back from the shop.

I feel very pleased that I am suffering no withdrawal symptoms at all!

We said, "oh well, no computer for a few days. Let's go to the park! Whee!" and

"Hey, now we have to dig up our old CDs and actually put them into our (cobwebby) hifi set and press Play, if we want music! Whoo- just like our parents did! That's so 1990s!"

Or it could also be that we (again, fortunately) have three other Macs/MacBooks in the house in. No photo library, no iTunes, no scanner software, no means to offload photos from our camera, no nothing, but we still have the internet. And access to archives.

So anyway, since I have no new photos to show you and you all seem to like photos, I thought I'd do two things:

(i) pick a random photo from the archives of our photo-hosting site:

Whoa! Too random. Toooooooo random.

(But notice - I actually had painted nails in my pre-children days.)

OK, let's try again:
Ah, the lovely Millenium Falcon, close up.
Niiiiiiiiiice, but still a bit random.

Ah, yes, maybe this one:

Grandma's old needle case, which now lives with me. It er... conveniently fell into one of the moving boxes when we left Singapore.

I mentioned I'd do two things. The second is to wish you all a lovely computer-free weekend, although I hope yours won't need to actually crash to liberate you.


  1. Sorry your computer crashed. Glad you didn't loose anything and are taking advantage of your "computer free" time! :)

  2. Bummer 'bout the computer but good thing it was all backed up....
    It's 107 here in Virginia today, so we are inside, chillin', and I'm crusin' the blogs. Like your nails in the photo! I used to have painted toenails before kids...

  3. That's a pretty cow! Cool needle case too, but the cow wins (I spent my early childhood across the street from my great-uncle's dairy farm).

  4. Thank goodness for the superior husband!

  5. I gave you an award...


  6. I loved the random photos - you are so right: what's a blog post without personal photos?? You have a wicked smart husband.

    We DID have a computer free weekend, thank you, but due to our camping trip. My husband did wonder if he should bring the laptop and I promptly quashed that (as I tucked in my cell phone and camera).

  7. Yeah for computer free weekends, boo for computer crashes, double yeah for your drafting series, and triple yeah for your sense of humor


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