Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

It's birthday party time!

This Saturday. 
Thirteen children. 

It's a paper and cardboard event (is there any other kind?).
Come join us behind the scenes soon!


  1. Looking forward to the party details. I always enjoy seeing the creative parties that you put together. (I even borrowed some ideas for my daughter's tea party this summer)

  2. Have a wonderful celebration!!! I am looking forward to reading about all the details.

  3. que todo resulte bien,

  4. Oh, have an absolute grand time with the party. Wish I could join you. Saturday just happens to be MY birthday - and it's a biggie. Although this body's getting old, the spirit is still young and would revel in your daughter's party.

    I look forward to reading all about her spledid day and seeing all that you created with the paper and cardboard. Please extend my happy birthday wishes!

  5. It looks like it will be a fun party! I am excited to see more about it!

  6. I love the bags over the stairs. It's a great a idea and I hope the kids have enjoyed the party.


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