Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photos from this side of the world

Some photos of the sights we've been enjoying on our visit to Singapore this year. These are the concrete-metal-and-real-plants supertrees that are a part of the Gardens By The Bay - a horticultural exhibit that we've only seen a small fraction of so far.

A view of part of the city skyline, from the window of a moving cab.

The girls at a neighborhood mall - we came to this mall to buy cupcakes for Jenna but also ended up in the rooftop garden's play area. 

It's been a lovely homecoming this time, as usual. Different from the years before but nice in all new and old ways. The weather is appalling, though - overcast, unpredictably rainy, with only smatterings of swim-and-beach-worthy sunshine interspersed. I've only swum in the sunshine once. Just once! Unacceptable. Next year we are coming back when it's good and sunny. I did get to hang out with some girlfriends yesterday, pigging out on dimsum downtown and stocking up on notions and Japanese sewing books at the Textile Centre. It was the first time in years that I'd taken a bus and walked my old routes through this haberdashery district - I felt as if I was 19 years old again and carrying a roll of nylon packcloth on my shoulder like an oversized bazooka, buying supplies for my first sewing business. It hasn't changed much, this part of town. Next year when I do this again, I'm taking the long cut along Arab Street to photograph the mosques and silks and lace and baskets and embroidery. 

Now, though, I have three children and they want me home to take them swimming and ice-cream-eating and shopping for origami paper and fancy markers. So I take only quick time-outs from being Mother to wander down memory lane before cabbing back to them at Mum's. Any more reminescing will have to wait till next year, then!


  1. Those are quite the trees! Thanks for sharing the pics!

    Can't wait to see what comes of all the notions, etc., you're buying!

    Prepare to leave the monsoons and come home to lotsa WHITE. ;(

  2. Oh I miss Singapore (lived there for three years!) Enjoy your visit.

  3. wow, i brought my boys to the Gardens by the Bay last week.. weather was baaaad.. the rain literally poured down and we could only visit the indoor gardens! nevertheless, the kids had fun!

    the rainy season this year has been exceptionally long :(

  4. I love looking and reading your blog.. Singpore huh.. Will be there in a couple of days time.

  5. Thanks for the photos. I love pictures! They make everyplace near rather than far-away. I don't suppose a video of next year's trip along Arab street would be in the realm of possibility?? Sorry, most of us have to live vicariously! :)

  6. Hi!
    I chanced upon your blog through this post http://www.ikatbag.com/2011/04/neoprene.html

    I'm a fashion student in Singapore and I'm looking for neoprene!
    If you could share with me where I can find them in Singapore, that would be a Godsent!

    Thank you!


  7. Enjoy any weather accessible in sleeveless sun dresses and swimsuits! We got another 6 inches of the cold white water last night!

  8. Lovely photos of Singapore. We lived there for three years before moving to London. I miss Singapore - especially the warm weather and the food ... mostly the food!! I'm familiar with the fabric market at People's Park in Chinatown, but I've never heard of a textile centre. Could you let me know where it is?? We are visiting Singapore at Easter and I'd love to check it out.

    1. Textile Center is at the corner of Jalan Sultan and North Bridge Road. Take the MRT to Lavender Station and walk.

    2. Thanks so much for this. Will check it out when I'm in Singapore.

  9. Those gardens are amazing!!!

    If you ever decide you'd like to guest post on Singapore (or Minnesota, for that matter) for my Exploring Geography series, give me a shout - I would love that!!!


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