Saturday, December 5, 2009


We made some snowmen yesterday. Coincidentally, the
first snow of the season began the day before, but these
were not
those kinds of snowmen.

What we used:
  • Polystyrene balls (2", 2.5", 3") - from the craft store
  • Hot glue gun and craft glue
  • Buttons
  • Construction paper - black for hat and orange for nose
  • Foam sticker scraps - black for eyes
  • Little sewing pins for the mouth
  • Twigs
  • Fleece strips for scarf
  • Scrap cardboard for base
  • Craft knife

Prep work:

1 I cut small circles off one spot on the small ball, and off opposite poles of the large ball and medium ball. This was to give the balls a flattish base to sit on, and flat surfaces to stack and adhere to each other.

2 I made top hats:

I rolled and glued a 4.5" x 2" strip of black paper into a tube.
Then I made snips around both edges, abut 0.5" deep:

I folded one snipped edge inwards for the top of the hat,
and spread the other edge outwards for the brim

I glued on a circle to the top and trimmed it to fit.

Then I added a donut-shaped brim

and glued it on.
3 I also made carrot noses (rolled a 1" quadrant into a thin cone and glued it), and cut out little eyes from foam sticker sheets.

The girls got to work this morning, first building
a tower of snowballs and then embellishing them
to look snowmanish.

Even little Kate made a snowman with a little help.
Her favorite part was sticking the pins into the face and
pressing the buttons onto the glue blobs on the body.
Yes, she was heavily supervised, to the point that she
was almost unhappy, muttering, "(I want to do it my)self!"

When we ran out of pins, we used foam sticker
shapes for the mouths.

We finished four snowmen before the kids
decided to move on to something else.

And when we ran out of other embellishments, we stuck
adhesive gems all over the balls to make tree ornaments.

P.S. I know polystyrene is environmentally unfriendly
but I am a sucker for all things round.


  1. Very cute! I wonder if we could do this or if Johnny would decide to dismantle the poor snowmen in order to have even more balls than we already own?

  2. Very cute. Now I have to see if I have any of those balls kicking around - I did at some point.


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