Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Guest Post by Emily

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

Today's guest poster is Emily.

Emily lives in my house. She is six+ years old. She is in training to be the family art-and-craft director, so I can retire. I may live to regret it, but I have let her have access to my cardboard stash. Last week she made something that is much cooler than anything I ever could, and I thought I'd ask her to share a tutorial of it here on Earth Day. I did some of the trickier, more dangerous construction and gluing under her orders, but she designed and executed a fair bit of it. Here's Emily.

Hi everyone, I'm Emily. I am in kindergarten this year. This is my i-phone. I like listening to music on it, calling my friends and typing messages.

My i-phone has headphones. I took a headband and some black foam and cut circles out of the black foam and stuck them together on the ends of my headband. I took a string

and stuck a jack on the end (this is a golf tee).

I can plug it into my i-phone and listen to music. I made a hole that I plug the jack into.

Mum made a box out of a cereal box and put a window on the front. Mum says the window is an extra layer and we can slide things into it.

I made screens and here they are. I made a menu, a music player screen, a phone screen and a keyboard screen. My Mum laminated my screens so they looked and felt like real screens.

My Mum cut holes in the screens so I could change screens and slide them in and out.

Here's my phone at the menu.

Here is the screen popping out of my i-phone.

Here's me pushing higher my different screens.

Here is my music screen.

Here is my typing screen. I am typing an email to my grandma.

Have fun making your i-phone!

This is Emily's Mum popping back again to say that no one in our home owns a real iphone, but we love looking at ads of the latest Apple gadgets. I am guessing that's how Emily knew how one works (roughly). This version is batteryless and cardboardy and costs practically nothing.

If you'd like to see more cardboard stuff (some with batteries) from our home, or see how much we love working with cardboard, this is post you might enjoy.


  1. Go, Emily! What a fantastic creation!!! I think the headphones are my favorite part.

    Happy Earth Day! =)

  2. Great post Emily! I hope you'll be back to share more of your projects.

  3. Great iphone, Emily! I love the different screens.

  4. Emily,
    You have created a great iphone! I'm sure you will have many hours of fun playing with it. Thank you for sharing your idea.

  5. I love it, Emily! You have some really creative ideas! I hope to see you guest posting again someday.

    Also, you have very pretty hands. :)

  6. on LiEr and Emily, too cool! I love that no one in your house, except Emily, has an iphone :)
    My daughter, who is 5, likes to play DS (which we sort of know about through some cousins). Only hers is whatever toy she happens to be holding.

  7. I love it,Emily.Happy Earth Day!

  8. OMG that's so cute!!! thanks emily!

  9. How fantastic. Emily I must tell you that I love the "tangled" soundtrack as well. Great choice.

  10. My 5 yr old son loved this idea & we finally made one today. Thanks for the idea!!

  11. How amazing is this?! CRAZY! LOVE IT!


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