Monday, November 14, 2011

Hams and Rolls

Forgot all about this (why am I not surprised?). These were made way back in September or August, I think, and this post sat on my dashboard for yonks, along with the next one coming up. Eeek!

Right, so I've been sewing for decades, but I've never used a ham. I've actually never even seen one in person. I've needed one for years, particularly for bag making, to tuck into and iron out gusset corners and other concave, curvy bits. I went to the Home Depot and the staff gave me a cardboard box (love Minnesotan Nice!) full of sawdust. Came home and sewed a ham

and a seam roll.

I used my friend's Jen's tutorial. Best. Like hers, my ham and roll have two different sides each:
  • home-dec weight cotton on one side for pressing regular fabrics
  • chenille terry cloth on the other side for pressing fabrics with pile, like velvet and corduroy
Both fabrics stand up well to high heat, so you can use either side for fabrics which take low or high pressing temperatures. Both fabrics are also robust enough to stand the pressure of the sawdust without leaking or tearing so I didn't need to line or interface them.  

I had so much sawdust left over that I made another ham and roll for my sister-in-law.

The children immediately hijacked them and started sword-fighting. The hams were fat shields, Emily explained to me. Well, of course. So don't forget to make some of these as charming accessories next year for Halloween, the Renaissance Festival, and medieval school plays, eh? 


  1. I was just helping my aunt and uncle fill three GIANT sacks of sawdust yesterday! I should get some for myself next time and make these. Thanks!

  2. Those are great! I keep threatening to steal my mom's 'ham' I'm not sure she ever uses it anymore.

  3. I wonder if I should make these....

    Nice fabric choices! ;)

  4. Ha, the girls keep stealing the roll (or snake) and I find it in odd places.


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