Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick check-in

Hello all!

We're back from the in-laws and into the weekly school routine. I'm slowly catching up on posts and email that you've sent, so thanks for your patience! My sewing room is immaculate now, but I suspect it will look like fabric barf again soon, because I have two somewhat ridiculous projects on my mind to try out.

Three things to say:

1 Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on the recent posts, particularly that My Life Flashed Before My Eyes In 24 Hours one. I'd wondered whether to write about that at all, because I was suspicious that medical insurance companies would be googling their clients and might note that as a pre-existing, albeit false-positive condition on my record, and up my premiums. My paranoia knows no bounds! I've also had on my heart for a while to write more on counseling-related things, especially knowing that many of you are parents of youngish kids and might enjoy reading about building resilience in children (long-term bullying post-traumatic stress, anyone?) and coping with loss and that sort of thing. But I am concerned with copyright issues - does anyone know, for instance, if I shared a particular model (e.g. Mooli Lahad's BASIC Ph model of coping and resilience) the way we administered it with our clients in Singapore and taught it to their teachers and caregivers, it would be infringing copyright, even with links? See, I think so. So I haven't. Pity, because it's awesome. 

2 I'm glad you like the boots tutorial! When I got home from our weekend away, I found the link that gave me the idea for the rubber soles. Hooray! I didn't put it in the original post but I've added it in now that I've found it again. 

3 I'm catching up on all the different things I've planned to blog about. First is Jenna's birthday party, which was the most colourful thing I've done in a long time! Then I'll do the Alterations Mini-Series, which is actually all written up, but which I just hadn't the time to do a final read-over. Then maybe we'll do some Christmas stuff and I might actually put some things in the shop for you to be tempted by!

Thank you, as always, for coming to visit me here. Have a beautiful week!


  1. How do you get so much done?!!

    I was very happy to hear that your scare was only a scare, and not the real thing.

    Your girls' costumes were amazing. Absolutely fantastic.

    And I'm thoroughly looking forward to Jenna's party photos - color is always wonderful! And the alterations mini-series =)

    I do wish you could share some of your counseling wisdom...

  2. Looking forward to whatever you have in that head of yours, because I know it'll be good! :)

  3. In regards to copyright, if you wrote the article like a uni essay with references embedded in the article and proper acknowledgement of intellectual property I would think that would be fine.
    Also if it is one particular book you are going to be discussing, why not chat to the publisher and find out if they are ok with what you are thinking of doing and then linking to Amazon or where you can purchase the book - I know this isn't your usual style but it might help sweeten the pot for the publisher, especially if you explain how many followers and readers you have.
    I would be interested in what you have to say.

  4. could you just ASK the people about the copyright stuff? I would love to hear more about this!

  5. I'd also like to hear your perspective on counseling-related stuff. I love the way you talk about family life and motherhood, as well as all the awesome cardboard and sewing geekery.

    I've learned so much from you that's helped me in my making-stuff life. I'd be very happy to hear about some parenting stuff too, if you can figure out a way to share it that you're comfortable with.



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