Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dress-up Box - The Mess Therein

The girls got their Dress-up Box when we returned from
spending Christmas with the in-laws. Emily was a little
confused at first and wondered what it was, especially since
I didn't even wrap it (waste of paper!) Jenna decided she
liked the store-bought career hats most. Kate's favorite
was the spongy red clown nose, which she immediately bit.
Emily quite enjoyed dressing her sisters up. Overall, I think
it is safe to say that they quite like it.

More importantly, everything fits!

Here's Emily as a redhead

The Box itself, incidentally, is just an ornament storage tub
from Target for less than $10. What I liked about it was it's
flip-top cover - a bit like a chest but stackable.

We've let it sit in a corner of the living room for now.
The girls, especially Emily, dig into it during the day,
and in the evening, its contents get piled back into it.

Like their old dress-up box.

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  1. Awesome, I think I might my girls one for xmas this year!!!!!


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