Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bit of Press

I have fun news to share! This year I got to see my name in print!!!!

Actually I got published for the first time at age 14, or maybe it was 13- I forget. A little poem I wrote got to be in the national newspapers in Singapore. Note that I am using the word "poem" very loosely - it rhymed, it was a bit funny, and it was a satire of the reigning teen fashion culture of the day. I am also using the word "national" loosely, since we had only one newspaper in the entire country. I was barely out of primary school, myself quite awkwardly put together and there I was telling a great many complete strangers what I thought of the way other people dressed. The gall.   

But back to the present. 

While it isn't poetry, and it isn't the newspapers, the October issue of Disney's Family Fun magazine

ran a feature on my cardboard Faraway Tree!

 And I really like their adaptation of it!

I was so excited that I showed the husband and told Mum and Dad and mailed them a copy all the way to Singapore, and did a merry little jig around the room and thought I'd tell you all too. Then the kids got sick and I got waylaid by Mother Duties. During that time, some of you emailed me to say you'd seen the article, and did I know that Family Fun had done a tutorial on the same thing that was on my blog? So here I am at last to say, "Hoo, yes, I did know, and I am thrilled!" Let me also tell you that I appreciate all those emails you guys sent - not only for your being happy for me, but because it sorta felt like you were watching my back. It's a nice feeling! 

Here are a few more publications this year that featured stuff I've done.

The delightful indie magazine, CROQzine, 

Plumetis Magazine, the beautiful French online magazine

featured a couple of my projects - that windblown outdoor pavilion

This is the UK-based Handmade Living:

There I am!

Lots of gorgeous crafts

and recipes I want to try

And finally, although not a print publication, those wooden mini donuts were in the Cardboard Tube Summer Crafts feature on one of Martha Stewart's blogs!

All very exciting and such an honor, each and every one of those features! 

P.S. Alterations update: Down to the last and most tedious one - the husband's button-down shirt. Nothing like alterations to keep one's head deflated and out of the clouds. When I've finished it, I'll be like an animal uncaged. Already I've been planning a giant cardboard dollhouse for Jenna's birthday present. I took a look at her bedroom and decided we'll have to get rid of some of her furniture to make room for it. Eeeeeeeeeeee! Don't tell her!                     

P.P.S. Tune in Monday for another fun announcement and a giveaway I'm sure you'll love! No, of course I haven't written a book, silly. I can barely get my children's school forms filled out on time and sent to the correct teachers, let alone write manuscripts. 


  1. How awesome! Congrats on all the publicity love!


  2. These press articles look like so much fun. Of course, who wouldn't want your gorgeous tutorials on their magazines?

  3. Wow! Fun news, indeed!! Congratulations! You deserve all the press you get. How exciting!!

    Sorry to hear of more sick kids. Hope everyone's feeling better now.

  4. L! Well, I knew you were famous but I didn't know HOW famous ;) You've gone international, woman!

    So proud of you (and you know I'm gonna boast about you to everyone, more than evah)!

  5. Congrats!!!! You rock!

  6. Congratulations on so many wonderful publications!! Of course, it is not surprising that your fabulous projects are so beloved. I hope you have many more opportunities like this! The world is a happier place because of these crafts... :)

  7. The Family Fun article is actually how I found your blog! We made the tree (although not with their pattern) and I figured whoever came up with the idea would have other fun ideas! I am so glad I found your site, it is very fun! (and being a native yo MN, it s always fun to hear about my home state!)

  8. That is awesome LiEr! I love the your blog and your sense of humor. :)

  9. Congrats! I've been reading your blog for ages and never comment. And I get that magazine and didn't realize that was your project. So neat that they found you because you are one of the most detailed and creative bloggers out there! We made your princess tower pull pinata last year for my daughter's party - my first attempt at cardboard crafting. Thanks for your fun site.

  10. Congratulations!!! All well deserved!

  11. Congrats! I love your blog. Both the pictures, your style of writing and your original projects.

  12. You are the coolest lady. Thanks for keeping your blog active! I love it!

  13. I recognized the cardboard tree as soon as I saw it in the magazine!...But, do they mention your name?..I don't remember that part. I hope they mention something in the next issue. You are an artist!


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