Friday, October 28, 2011

I haven't made the shoes

but we made the masks. We bought plain black plastic masks and the girls glittered them to death. They look more Mardi Gras than Halloween, but masks are masks, I say. And that's real glitter, people, not the namby-pamby glitter glue (that I think is actually worse because it's 100 times messier), although Emily's purple mask did get a bit of an upgrade with some glitter glue after the real glitter was dry. You should not fear glitter. The key is to do everything on the driveway, and then leave the excess glitter on the asphalt so it shines like colorful snow crystals after sunset. Or phosphorescence from algae at the water's edge on an inky night at the beach. I miss the beach. 

The costumes are functionally finished. One of them still has velcro sticking out and a plain bodice that needs sequins, but otherwise the girls can walk out of the house in them and beg for candy. I always shake my head at the constraints under which we Midwestern costume-makers are required to practice our art. I think, "If I lived down south, or in Singapore, I could make ANY costume in the world, and with my eyes shut." Here, though, we pray for 55 degrees, and sew for 35 degrees (and snow) on Oct 31st.  

Jenna's birthday party tomorrow. Fun. Yesterday we baked 100 cookies! 


  1. I bet you have a beautiful driveway. I bet your girls have some wonderful costumes to go with those lovely masks. I bet everyone is in for an awesome party tomorrow. I bet the weather is even going to be fairly decent (for MN, that is) for trick-or-treating. And I bet you're really gonna be ready to crash when it's all over! ;)

  2. We got snow today, and may well again on Monday. Trying to figure out what to do with costumes...

    Could you be any more mysterious about what you are making? =)

  3. I can't wait to see the costumes! We got a dusting of snow here in NH last night and are supposed to get 4-8 inches Saturday night. I'm wondering if I can make my son wear his snowsuit under his mummy costume. He'd probably end up looking like the Michelin Man.

  4. The masks look great by themselves, I cannot wait to see the costumes ! I made fleece too this year, and we are going out early, hopefully before it's too cold.

  5. my mom gave my daughter glitter glue for her birthday this weekend. I shot my mom an evil look and she realized her mistake. I told G that she could use the glitter glue at Granny's house :) ah well. Thanks for the driveway/sidewalk tip.

  6. Made cloaks inspired by yours for this year!
    glad I did since we got a freak snow on Saturday... and our son's teacher even complemented me on his -- fun fur and I will never be friends but it was worth it.


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