Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Arm Is Tired

Hello friends!

Off to bed but first I wanted to get online and groan about how my arm is dead. I've been working on the Barbie House. The good news is that I had a huge piece of cardboard in the garage that was just the right size for it. The bad news is that it is triple-wall corrugated cardboard. Triple wall = three layers of regular corrugated cardboard all stuck together. It's solid like wood. I didn't want to use it but it's all I've got and I know that when it's finished (if I'm still alive), I'll be glad I picked something as strong as this to make it with. I've been hacking away at it as best I can with my feeble craft knife but I really should be using a circular saw. The planning is slow, the cutting is even slower, and till now all I've got to show for all the work is one big piece of flat cardboard with five windows cut out. It took me all night to cut five windows out! There is no resemblance to a 3D house at all. 

Although! Although! Last night I did make an elevator car and one bed with trundle for Barbie sleepovers. 

I only work on it after the kids are in bed because there's no way anyone can work on something of that size and be subtle about it. And there is such a royal mess on the floor that, clearly, something is afoot. Even then, I feel extremely sorry for Kate because everyone is in on the secret except her. Today she came to the sewing room (now cardboard room) and saw the big piece of cardboard.
"What are you making?" She asked.
Suddenly everyone changed the subject and started talking loudly about random things. We couldn't very well deny the glaringly obvious but we also weren't about to spoil the surprise. I told her it was a secret and that she could help by standing next to it to see if she or the thing were taller. The thing won. And then we gave her extra hugs to make up for being such rotters to her and took her to play elsewhere in the house. 

I wish I could take in-progress photos but it's pointless at this stage. Maybe later when it gets a bit more house-like. I'll share my To Finish list, though:
Thursday - Finish windows, saw dowels and do wiring (for lights)
Friday - Do elevator shaft
Saturday - Do lights and furniture
Sunday - Assemble
Monday - Wallpaper

Why are Barbies so big? Why couldn't they be the size of Playmobil? More importantly, where are we going to put this gargantuan thing when it's finished? 


  1. Even lights! Of course! Why didn't I assume that?! Elevator? Naturally! And wallpaper even....

    Oh, Kate... it'll be SO worth the wait!!!!!

  2. LiEr, you are the best mama ever.

  3. So awesome -- can NOT wait to see it when it's done, then I want to come over and play with it : )



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