Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gifts For Me

A basket of colorful flowers,

a picture she worked on in class,

a book about Mom's secret powers

reminders of how the years pass.

A treasure hunt early this morning
To find little presents and notes
Gifts on the deck in the sunshine
Hand-crafted cards that they wrote.

A spanking new mirrorless camera

(The DSLR can stay home)!
To record our adventures and blessings
I am honored to count as my own.

Happy Mother's Day, all!


  1. It sounds like you had a good day. :-D Just curious -- is your husband a photographer? Most people wouldn't even know what a mirrorless camera is!

    1. Yes, he is a very good non-professional photographer! And we've been talking about getting one of these for a while already, because I didn't want to lug around our big DSLR but also didn't want to return to the old featureless compact point-and-shoots. I should write a bit about this camera in a later post. It's a great in-between: has almost the quality of a DSLR but without the bulk of it.

  2. umm...i would definitely like to hear more about this mirrorless camera!!! :)

  3. Very nice!!! I just bought my first DSLR but almost went with a mirrorless. I'm interested to see how you enjoy yours!

  4. I had a great Mother's Day, and I am happy to read you did too. But this day always has a bittersweet feeling, because yes, years go by so fast, and children grow so quickly...

  5. Very intrigued by the mirror-less camera...


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