Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Made straps this week. I love sewing straps so much. And I can never take enough photos of them, like this time and this time. Or this time or this time

Especially when they're fancy and colorful.

and I can do as much top-stitching as I like

and stack them up

and turn them into rainbows

and make them stand to attention. We do not make flaccid straps in chez ikatbag (unless they're mistakes). 

And that's just the straps, although they could be a stand-alone (pardon the pun) project, they're so yummy. They're part of something else, which I will share soon!


  1. Heehee... you were having fun, weren't you? They're so pretty!! I see a familiar fabric amongst them, too - cool!

    Progress made here. Maybe I'll even have a strap to show YOU today! ;)

    1. And then last night I sewed thirty buttonholes! I LOVE it when mass-producing mania kicks in!

    2. Insane woman! ;) Like I said, maybe I'll even have A strap to show you. One. But maybe 2 buttonholes!!

      Hey, where'd you come up with all those 'print' fabrics?! ;)

    3. I made myself buy them. I knew I needed print fabrics for this project, so I put my personal interests aside (so to speak) and went online shopping. And stayed away from apparel/ solids. It was HARD.

  2. Adorable!! I was thinking of you this weekend while I was at Ikea cutting yardage (with the world's worst sewing scissors by the way!) So many fun new patterns -- now I need studio time to play! : )

  3. haha, what are all these straps for??


  4. So intriguing! They look a little large for watch straps... hmmm....

  5. Something fun, from the looks of it!

    Intrigued :)


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