Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Foam - looking back, looking forward

Thank you all for following along with the Foam Saga, 
now ended, and for the wonderful comments! 
For those just joining us, welcome - 
here is a pictorial recap of the projects

(clockwise from top left: Blocks, Cushion, Cake, Dirt, Sofa)

Foam is at half-price at JoAnn this week, incidentally.
Strangely, I no longer feel the urge to procure any. 

Some updates on how the kids and foam toys are getting on:
Emily loves the cake and upon getting it, immediately
prepared it as a birthday cake for Kate. She surprised me
with her restraint in picking felt pieces to decorate with.

Her restraint is all the more evident when you
consider the enthusiasm of the neighbor kids,
who came to play cake with her.

Here is Jenna with her bit of overzealous gardening.
It was so much fun to watch her painstakingly pick all
the strawberries off the plant, count them, lovingly
apportion them to various family members, then put
them all back on the stems, all the while yelling,
"Kate can't have the strawberries! She's too little!"

Now I feel a bit restless for some quicker projects.
But first, a bit of a pesky emergency
- my wallet's days are numbered:

The sad, sad coin-pouch zipper split last week and
the bit of masking tape is all that protects its modesty.
Aesthetics aside, I am also growing tired of ripping off
and replacing the masking tape each time I need change.

So new wallet in the works.

Or two.
One to keep and one to give away.
Check back here again if you'd like to win it!


  1. You are my new favorite blog! I can't stop reading! You are so gifted and I love your tutes!

  2. Wow. You're over the top creative, and am inspiring (and slightly guilting) me into doing something with my foam scraps. Blocks? Planting bed? My baby is not yet crawling, but if I start now, I have a chance at some really cool playthings!

  3. I'm so glad you posted these all together, I've loved all of these projects!

    I left you an award on my blog - no need to pass it on unless you want to but I think your blog is fantastic!

  4. LOL Love the birthday cake, and glad to see that your daughter understands the concept of "less is more". Also, the foam garden is pure genius!

  5. Beautiful stuff! I WISH I could repair my handbags and wallets, sometimes when they "die" it's really sad cause it was my favorite! : )

  6. WOW! Your blog is so amazing and these project blew me away! Rowena just emailed me about your amazing site and I'm so glad she did-I love it here! I would *love* to link to some of your projects if you didn't mind!


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