Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On Adrenaline

Pevensie #1 finished yesterday (minus hem, which had to wait till Kate got home from school for her fitting to finalize). Kate wore her costume all afternoon and twirled. Verdict: Fits and is comfortable, never mind what it looks like.

Pevensie #2 in the works. Jenna took one look at it and cried. Said, "Where is the gold?" Had to be explained to that I only use boring and unshiny jersey lining for the fittings and promised that the gold would be installed later.

Wool Skirt #2 cut out. If I finish Jenna's costume tonight, I get to sew that skirt for me as reward. Usually I use nutella as a prize but I'm out of nutella. I'm subsisting on pure adrenaline and wool skirts now. Atishoo!


  1. Nutella... adrenaline... whatever works! Keep goin'!! :)

    A tissue for... and God bless you!

  2. I need some of your adrenaline! Kate's dress looks lovely!

  3. Aw! They're gonna be Pevensies! It seems however that there are too few Pevensies. Will there be a tiny Star's Daughter?


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