Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Children Have Spoken

They're going candy-looting as Narnians this Halloween.

I was so pleased, thinking what a miracle it was that they made their decision so efficiently this year. Unlike the previous years, in which there were weeks and weeks of vacillating and mind-changing. 
Until I realized that there are only 18 days till the 31st. And, if one counts the real deadline as the 30th, which is when the children need to be all costumed up for their school parade, well, then that leaves us only about 2 weeks to make it happen.

Normal, sensible people will, at this point, down a stiff drink and head to Costco to buy one of those polyester costumes with turtle shells attached to the backs and convince the children to be Ninja Turtles instead. 

But we aren't normal, sensible people, are we? No, we're not. We're craftaholics. We make our own costumes. So we headed to JoAnn last night and bought up a storm and stayed so late that we missed our own dinner (which was especially disastrous, since we were the ones responsible for cooking it). And of course it would be the same day that the JoAnn staff got their new handheld transaction devices with the supersensitive touch-screens, so sensitive that they accidentally charged me $837 for about 412 yards of that gold trim above, when I'd actually just asked for 2. It took AGES to sort out. 

And some of us, in addition to being craftaholics, are also procrastinators extraordinaire, who have decided that before the costumes are even drafted, we need to make ourselves some wool skirts. "Why should the children have all the fun?" was how I rationalized it. 

And now, with all that marvelous fabric waiting to be turned into things to wear, I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to take a nap. Or go pumpkin picking. Or bake cookies. Or anything but sew, really. 


  1. Oh if this doesn't sound like me then I don't know what does, lol! My boys are still undecided.....but my daughter chose to be little red riding hood. Pretty simple one really, though I decided to crochet the cape instead of sew it because the last few years have been really cold here on Halloween. Now....Im just hoping to finish on time. Goodluck with yours!

  2. Wow, just a couple of weeks! How did that happen so fast? "Candy-looting Narnians"... that sounds fun! And you're going to have some beautiful skirts... after baking cookies, picking pumpkins, baking pumpkin pies, etc.! As for me, I'm thinking I should go take some more fall-color photos, as this may be the last day to get them, considering our wet, windy forecast. But I really feel like snuggling a little kitten on my lap while I drink a cup of tea. Oh, wait... I'm already doing that!

  3. I bought that exact gold trim for my husband's Halloween/Renfest costume. :) I can't wait to see your costumes!

    1. Kelly: hopefully you didn't buy 412 yards of it, did you?

  4. oh, I cannot WAIT to see your Narnian costumes. Those books are my absolute favorites (read them all at least once per year!) I contemplated a Narnia theme for my daughter's nursery, but ended up with something completely different...

    and I definitely can sympathize with the crazy costume-making-at-the-last-minute. Despite never having made a thing for my little girl (she's almost 2), I decided to make up the pattern for her dress.. plus I need to make shoes, an undershirt...and Husband's costume! But I love it. It is so rewarding!

    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

  5. I was also at JoAnn's. We managed to get the supplies, now to find time to put it all together. Our deadline is the 25th for the school carnival. Yikes!

  6. zzakupy oszałamiające!! czekam z niecierpliwością na efekty :)
    pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  7. Beautiful fabric choices. I especially like the blue. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make.


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