Thursday, March 19, 2009

Freezer Paper Stenciling

So here's my first freezer paper stenciling project and
I really enjoyed it. It was more successful and harder
to mess up (i.e. smudges, uneven lines etc.) than I'd thought
it would be. It is exactly like single-use silkscreen printing
and I found the following to be helpful:
  • When applying the paint, dab rather than brush it on. I used a 1"painting sponge-on-a-stick.
  • Iron a second sheet of freezer paper on the underside of the area to be stenciled. Iron this on first, and then the actual stencil on the top of the fabric. When I did this in reverse, the stencil on top puckered slightly.
  • Wait till the paint is dry before removing the freezer paper.
  • If you are printing text from the computer, print the font in "outline" mode - this saves printer ink and the text outline is a perfect guide for where to cut with your knife.

Here's the front of the Tshirt for the girls' Uncle James:

and the back, with the names of his nephews and nieces:


  1. What a fabulous present!! Brilliant idea to put the nephews and nieces on the back! Lucy x

  2. what kind of paint did you use?

  3. Joy: I used fabric paint from Michaels - found it in the Tshirt section with fabric markers etc. There are many brands and within each brand, many varieties: "matte", "velvet", "glossy", "puffy" etc. I bought the smallest bottle (like 4" tall) of "matte" because it promised to "dry flat and flexible" (as opposed to "lumpy and cracks easily", I suppose!). All come with different drying instructions - some need to be heat-set with an iron or a run in the dryer. Mine just said, "can be washed after 72 hours".

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